Donkey Kong fused with cinematic classics


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Donkey-Me is a remake of the classic Donkey Kong. But this time, instead of being based on the early version of Super Mario, it's now cast with some of the most iconic characters from cinematic history, including Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Ripley, Conan, and Rambo.

The game has 9 different worlds coming from 10 different films. In each you'll find three phases where you control a different character and face different enemies according to the film on which it's based.

In the Star Wars world, for example, you control Luke Skywalker in the first level and Han Solo in the second. Of course, you'll also face different enemies and have to rescue different characters.

The gameplay in Donkey-Me is virtually identical to that of the legendary Donkey Kong. There's even the special hammer, sometimes replaced by a different weapon according to the film (a sword for Conan, a lightsaber in Star Wars, a whip for Indiana Jones).

Donkey-Me is a fun arcade platformer that brings back some of the more traditional elements from the genre. The best part, though, is how it makes use of classic films like Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark, The Exorcist, Conan: The Barbarian, and First Blood, among many others.
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